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Founder & Soul Creator


Had the most amazing experience with Laura and her healing crystal bed. 

Not only was it very healing but also very enlightened session.

I will for sure do it again and would like to do it more often as a regular part of my crystal journey in life.


Maite Makeup Co.

From the moment my experience with Bambu Shala began I knew it would be an unforgettable one. The Crystal Light Bed gave me 40 minutes of complete relaxation and alignment. The best way to describe how I feel is a complete "reset." I look forward to so much more. Thank you Laura for your kindness, your gentle spirit and love. Thank you for sharing these tools of healing.


Barcelona, Spain

 I just did the Crystal Light Bed therapy and I feel a lot more relaxed now than when I arrived. Laura's beautiful energy and professional reception just added to make the experience all more healing. 



Manifesting Matisse

Healing sessions with Bambu Shala are a unique and powerful experience. After each session everything flows better in my life and leaves me with a feeling of deep calm.


Barcelona, Spain

My session with Laura's Crystal Bed was very healing. I felt each chakra getting unlocked a lot of information and memories were released from my body. I felt extremely relaxed after the session and the same I had a very revealing dream. Laura's crystal bed is a very relaxing form of healing. I highly recommend her work; she's a loving and compassionate healer.


Mallorca, Spain

I am so grateful for the unique experience on your Crystal Bed. I did as you said and received the session with a clear intention and guess what happened? My wish is slowly unfolding in a very playful and magical way. I feel Free!


Barcelona, Spain

Thank you Bambu Shala for organizing a beautiful event. From hypnosis to chakra alignment to crystal bed therapy. An amazing experience. 


Barcelona, Spain

I had a wonderful crystal bed session, once I settled my thoughts down, my consciousness went somewhere else -- I really felt transported -- while the bed did its work. It was calming and grounding, exactly what I needed after some emotional clearing that I'd done earlier. I carried that grounded (and joyful feeling, I must admit!) with me the entire weekend. Thank you, Laura. 


Barcelona, Spain

Laura has a very soft approach to people. With her healing energy and tools she helps people to find harmony despite existing daily challenges.