There is a saying that goes, when the student is ready the teacher shows up and so do the lessons. And here at Bambu Shala the teachers and lessons are wonderful. It allows a spiritual seeker to grow and connect in a safe space. The teachers brought together by Laura are a reflection of her souls compassion and passion to guide others into a more elevated and free way of life. I have discovered wonderful people that are teaching in such amazing new ways and approaches. It has inspired in me a desire to become a healer in some shape or form and contribute to the greater good. Let the human in you be inspired to connect into the depth of your own soul. The resources here will guide you there. Thank you Laura for your light.  

--ANTONELLA, Miami, Florida

The virtual retreat this week was jam packed with amazing healers and teachers. Laura and team, you’re wonderful and I cannot thank you enough for the opportunity to learn and continue to be inspired! 💫  

--ANDRE, New York

Que hermosura de retreat el que diste online, gracias por todo lo que hiciste y facilitar que tantas personas pudieran conectarse para sentir algo tan único y mágico ❤️ te quiero mucho y deseo que hayan mas personas como tú, que se interesen por ayudar tanto a los demás  

--IRINA, Miami, Florida

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