This is the "must have" in your every day what ever you do!

The bottle is made in glass and with a stainless steel cap. 

The bottom part easily opens to clean the bottle.

We have made a special scuba protection for you bottle also that comes with your bottle when ordering.

When cleaning your bottle take good care of your stone by taking the stone part out and leave it for a little while in salted water. By that you clean your stone from old energy and your stone is no ready and with clean energy for you and your dreams to happened. 

It has been known for ever that crystals have healing powers, that they protect from bad energies, and bring peace in body, mind and soul!

It is all about the energy…

Us, the universe – and the stones.

The crystals, and the power they have, are already used everywhere. Fx inside watches, in computer, and iphones. Yes, we use the healing crystals energies, and properties, so much already in modern technology…. Even in medicine!

LOVE & STONES Crystal Water Bottle

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