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Embodying the Awakened Heart

Intuitive Healer & Teacher - NICOLE RIGATO

BAMBU SHALA proudly presents Embodying the Awakened Heart - a Transformational Weekend Workshop in Miami, Florida.

Dates: September 7th & 8th 

Everything we experience in our outer world is created by what we feel and give our power to in our inner world. Think of your heart chakra as a timeless dimension of consciousness where all things are possible in the present moment but when we hold emotional pain or trauma, you will feel this pain when you enter the heart creating you to want to leave your heart space immediately. These painful emotions can be held from unresolved past experiences, soul memories or ancestral memories that are expressing through your energy and consciousness. When you shut down this part of your heart in order to protect yourself from feeling this pain, unfortunately this also prevents you from experiencing your greatest capacity to love, to feel joy, experience pleasure, create abundance and to find what brings meaning to your life and relationships. 

You will be supported to learn to feel comfortable with being with your emotional pain to allow it to be transformed and returned to love, reclaiming the parts of your being that have felt disconnected from you and separate from love.

There are huge benefits in taking time for ourselves to tend to our emotional needs and be supported to break through your greatest fears and limitations that prevent you from creating the beautiful life and meaningful relationships that you deserve.

During this weekend workshop, Nicole creates a safe space to connect you with the power of your vulnerability to support personal growth, healing and transformation to nurture an empowering relationship with your emotions and access the full power of your heart.

You will be guided through some powerful healing processes to unlock the power of your heart and expand your capacity to give and receive love and experience joy and peace regardless of what you may be experiencing in your life. Learn to live your life with an open heart from a place of authenticity, love and connection.

We will explore:

· The art and importance of receiving

· How your level of self-worth is dictating your experiences

· Healing the ancestral heart

· Your heart connection to your Inner child

· Your heart being the gateway to your Soul and life purpose

· Your heart’s relationship with money

· Your heart’s relationship with intimacy

· Your heart & mind balance/connection

Nicole will lovingly support you to create conscious change to move beyond your current limitations and live an authentic life with an awakened heart!


Nicole Rigato is an internationally acclaimed Intuitive Healer, Speaker, Author, Spiritual Teacher & Mentor who is passionate about empowering people to live an awakened, authentic, conscious and passionate life, fulfilling their Soul’s purpose.  


Nicole is the founder of the Heart Hub On-line Community and offers private healings, international transformational retreats, workshops and on-line programs.  She has also facilitated corporate workshops for various organisations including Microsoft Asia-Pacific on resilience and mindfulness and was invited to contribute a chapter in the book ‘Healing From Within’.

Apart from studying many different healing modalities including a Diploma of Energetic and Spiritual Healing from Nature Care College in Sydney, Nicole has gained deep wisdom and understanding through her own personal healing journey over the last 27 years.  Nicole has travelled the world exploring many different healing philosophies learning from living Masters and teachers dedicating many years to studying energy and consciousness.

Nicole believes in the power of love to transform suffering and has a gift of supporting people through deep transformation so they can live an empowering, purposeful life with an open heart.