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BAMBU SHALA proudly presents Embodying the Sacred Feminine - a Transformational Retreat in Mallorca, Spain.

MARCH 12th - 15th, 2020


Join Bambu Shala and Nicole Rigato for a nurturing 4 days and 3 nights in beautiful Mallorca for a transformational Soul Retreat.  You will be immersed in the pristine energy in the hills in Palma de Mallorca for a guided retreat with Nicole Rigato to expand and empower your connection to your sacred feminine essence within.


Nicole creates a sacred space that is a potent vessel of transformation that is full of love, connection, nurturing, presence and stillness to allow the voice of your Sacred Feminine to rise from within and be felt, heard, embodied and expressed. You will be held and supported to release patterns of ancestral suppression of the feminine, deep Soul wounds and patterns of guilt and shame around being a powerful, sensual expression of the Sacred Feminine within you, celebrating your unique expression as a woman.  Through guided healing meditations, dance, breath work, sacred womb connection and creative expression, we will be exploring your relationship with your body, your heart, your sexuality, self care and how you nourish and nurture all aspects of your feminine.  Allow yourself the space to return your endocrine system, your hormones and reproductive system to a state of balance.

When we connect in group consciousness with other sacred women, we discover the unique offerings that each of us have to share, awakening this within each other through Divine reflection. Be guided through a journey of connection to embody your true feminine essence and explore the power and strength within the vulnerability of your feminine presence.

You will leave this retreat with tools that empower you to feel deeply connected through your heart and your body to your Sacred Feminine essence so that you can bring more of this powerful creation energy into all that you offer in your life, your relationships and your Soul’s purpose.


Nicole Rigato

Nicole Rigato is an internationally acclaimed Intuitive Healer, Speaker, Author, Spiritual Teacher & Mentor who is passionate about empowering people to live an awakened, authentic, conscious and passionate life, fulfilling their Soul’s purpose.

Laura Dalmau

Laura Dalmau's gift is creating connections. She does this by discovering renowned teachers and magical locations. By uniting her passion of connecting, healing and travel, she transforms lives around the world. 



Marta Abril is a beautiful holistic coach, yoga teacher, mother and founder of @thecomoonity. She teaches rituals and workshops around the world. She is passionate about helping women connect with their true essence.



Shannon Ukena is a passionate speaker, teacher and chef who is inspired to educate and support people to create a conscious relationship with food, emotional wellbeing and their bodies.