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Intuitive Healer & Spiritual Teacher

Nicole Rigato is an internationally acclaimed Intuitive Healer, Speaker, Author, Spiritual Teacher & Mentor who is passionate about empowering people to live an awakened, authentic, conscious and passionate life, fulfilling their Soul’s purpose. Nicole is the founder of the Heart Hub On-line Community and offers private healings, international transformational retreats, workshops and on-line programs. She has also facilitated corporate workshops for various organisations including Microsoft Asia-Pacific on resilience and mindfulness and was invited to contribute a chapter in the book ‘Healing From Within’. Apart from studying many different healing modalities including a Diploma of Energetic and Spiritual Healing from Nature Care College in Sydney, Nicole has gained deep wisdom and understanding through her own personal healing journey over the last 27 years. Nicole has travelled the world exploring many different healing philosophies learning from living Masters and teachers dedicating many years to studying energy and consciousness. Nicole believes in the power of love to transform suffering and has a gift of supporting people through deep transformation so they can live an empowering, purposeful life with an open heart.



Quantum Leap Facilitator | Soul Leadership Embodiment & Integration Guide

Lisseth Makhael has guided over 3000 individuals in the journey of BEcoming more of who they truly are and embodying their SOUL. She has activated many Visionaries, Changemakers and Leaders to fulfilling their purpose and manifesting their mission beyond what their mind thought possible.

She has been guiding Soul Leaders for over 6 years to peel the layers of who they thought they are, shifting deeply at a subconscious level the programming they have taken in their Soul journey allowing them to unleash their essence. When Leaders work with Lisseth, they heal deep traumas that are not allowing them to expand to their full potential, breakthrough the seen and unseen upper ceilings as well as they start to activate their Soul Gifts. Her clients align with their mission and accelerate their path as she is known as the accelerator of Visionaries. 

Lisseth's gifts and energy helps them break through stubborn patterns as well as move onto the next level of abundance and building their legacy by working in the Quantum Field and the Embodiment and Integration of their Higher Frequencies. She is called to be their number one supporter, guide and facilitator, so they create their Soul Aligned life and the highest level of abundance, love and service to bring and anchor the New World


Health, Wellness & Spirituality

Dr. Michelle Kathy Nielsen (aka Doctor Mika) has a strong background in health, wellness and spirituality. As a speaker, she provides an engaging, inspiring and enticing talk on a variety of topics. She has 28 years experience as a Wellness Doctor, has co-presented with the likes of Dr. Joe Dispenza, is a published author, co-author with the late Dr. Wayne Dyer, is a frequent television guest and contributor for many well-known media outlets such as The Huffington Post & Cosmopolitan Magazine. She has condensed her 3 decades of study, work and immersion in personal development into a simplified and rapid technique called Metamorphic Accelerated Therapy to help people make lasting change. On a personal level, she draws from deep personal experience with a broad range of healing modalities from across the globe. She is passionate about sharing her many stories and experiences in an engaging way to help others on their path of healing and personal development. Dr. Michelle's most popular talks are related to goal manifesting, team building, meditation and female empowerment.



Alchemist & Accelerator of Human Potential

Stephanie is an Alchemist and Accelerator of Human Potential using the Art of Rituals, Quantum Healing, coaching and shamanic practices. Stephanie is passionate about helping people find their voice, turn obstacles into opportunities and support others in breaking through blockages in order to fully embody their gifts and live their Soul’s purpose. She offers private healings, online programs and global transformational retreats. Stephanie loves to weave Quantum science with ancient wisdom traditions. One of her missions is to protect and preserve these traditions for the benefit of future



Numerologist & Spiritual Guide

Bobby F Parihar is a wellness mentor. A husband and father of four, Bobby lives on Vancouver Island, Canada. Using Numerology through spirit and wealth, he helps create and design the future you dream of. Through his journey, Bobby has been able to help thousands of people find clarity, purpose and wealth. Have a fun, and heartfelt conversation that is both insightful and profound, and change the way you see your life. To define your greater health and success, is the path to creating it.



Intuitive Healer & Wellness Health Coach

Simran is an advanced Theta Healing practitioner, teacher and Holistic Health Coach. She has spent the past twenty years in the area of self-development, whilst working full time in the corporate world. Her life has been about transformation in every sense of the word. Her purpose in the world has thus unfolded with her own journey, one of self discovery and radical self acceptance. Simran is devoted to helping others shift from an old limiting paradigm, to a more fulfilled, aligned and expansive view of themselves, and therefore their lives.



Addiction Coach

Krista is a An intuitive Time line Therapist, addiction specialist, Nutritional councillor and Transformation Coach Fuelled by her own past struggles, being stuck in drug addiction, eating disorders, alcoholism, chronic anxiety and depression. Living in the depths and finding a way out determined to OVERCOME and THRIVE, she now dedicates her time to helping others transform their relationship with SELF and reconnect them with their true value and purpose by digging deep into mindset and spirituality, removing limiting beliefs and connecting back into their emotions. KRISTA is on a mission to help end human suffering and raise the level of human consciousness on this planet one person at a time Qualifications: NLP PRactioner Time Line Therapist Advanced certificate in Nutritional Councilling Wellness coaching level 1,2,3.



Energetic Healer & International Speaker

Dr. Stanzie Langtree is a renowned International Speaker, Doctor of Chiropractic, and Musician from the USA. With clients spanning the globe, Stanzie has helped thousands of people, including celebrities, leaders and entrepreneurs, to free themselves from stress and limitations to create a life of Love, Purpose, Happiness, and Abundance.



Holistic Coach & Akashic Guide

Debbie Magic is a Miami-based witch, activist, facilitator, and mindfulness coach. With over 8 years in the mental health world, she's worked with several hundred people, guiding them in their own unique journeys back to wholeness. Her psycho-spiritual approach provides safe, sacred space for others to shift and integrate new implicit programming onto both their conscious and unconscious self. She does this through hypnosis, theta healing, reiki, and counseling.



Feminine Embodiment & Somatic Emotional Release Work

Chetanya is a mother to a beautiful one year old boy, runs a successful coaching and healing business with her partner Steve aimed towards assisting spiritual and conscious individuals and business owners. Chetanya is an author, speaker, healer and a Qoya movement facilitator who's passion is to help individuals to heal with the purpose of unlocking their sacred gifts to then bring those gifts into the world to bring positive change.



Spiritual Coach & Healer

Steve is a coach, healer and speaker who is passionate about assisting individuals to reconnect with their heart, body and soul so that they can unlock their unique life purpose and make an impact in the world. Steve uses a range of powerful modalities from shamanic journeying, body & breath work, NLP, Hypnosis and channeled light language✨ One of Steve's main focuses is helping people to heal and release energy blockages that have been stored in the body & activate/remember their souls purpose. Steve lives with his partner Chetanya and their son in Far North Queensland Australia.



Intuitive Chef & Speaker

Intuitive Chef Shannon Ukena is a passionate, speaker, teacher, personal chef and caterer for workshops and global retreats. Inspired to assist people to create a conscious relationship with food, Shannon also offers a wide range of support and education to assist individuals and families to transition into whole food healthy living, as close as possible to the way nature intended. Nurturing a healthy relationship with food, Shannon’s focus is on guiding you to learn to listen to your body and develop an empowering relationship with food to transform your health and wellbeing.



Intuitive Healer

My name is Fabíola and I am intuitive. Since a very young age, I’ve been interested in personal development and spirituality. As time went by, I decided to study and understand more about the world outside the matrix we live in. A great dissatisfaction with the world as we know it and the fact that I could not conform to the way life often presented itself, I decided to seek contentment and wisdom by changing my own being and my belief system. Through the learning of various wellness and spiritual healing techniques, including reiki, NLP, thetahealing, arcturian healing, yoga, among others, I developed a technique that connects and corrects energy in our chakras.



Spiritual Teacher & Reiki Master

Monica is a naturally gifted connector who has an innate ability to guide clients and friends through transformative paths into greater spirituality and wellness. Her charisma, empathy and humility have made her a valued advisor to people in many places of the world. Monica teaches and meets individuals of all walks-of-life in the America’s, Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Her warmth and easy-going persona leads you to her deep and insightful wisdom. Monica is eclectic by nature, she brings together elements of all types of mystical and spiritual traditions; talking about Catholicism, Buddhism, Kabbalah, astrology and everyday news to find deep connections with people.



Mindfulness Coach

A Los Angeles native, London expat, wife and mom of two, Leslie understands well what it takes to thrive in a stressful and challenging global environment.  Leslie's a certified Coach and Speaker with expertise spanning over 15 years, from Hollywood executive to startup co-founder. With a blend of practical and spiritual tools, Leslie facilitates a space for clients to gain clarity, confidence and purpose in their lives, both personally and professionally.

Leslie's a regular facilitator for Soho House and has been featured on U.S. top lifestyle media brands Well+Good , mindbodygreen and Thrive Global, as well as internationally on Virgin, White Ibiza, OM Yoga & Lifestyle Magazine and Yoga magazine.



Cacao Mama Facilitation




Holistic | Honest Living

Marta Abril



Mindfulness Coach

Camilla was born in São Paulo, Brazil, where she spent over a decade in the corporate world, always “on the run”. Retreats, meditation and therapies were where she found her balance (peace). In 2013 Camilla decided to take a sabbatical in Europe, during which she went through a personal crisis that brought about a reflection, common to most people: what am I doing with my life? She then traveled to ancestral places and met healers, mentors and did therapeutic trainings. That was when the light language came to her. This journey helped her understand how challenging it is accessing our true essence by awakening who we really are. Camilla understood her purpose. Ever since she has been inspiring and helping people connect with their inner wisdom, generating clarity and greater balance in their lives. If you are looking for transformation, personal and spiritual growth, find out more here

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